I'm Andrew James Okpainmo
I am a full-stack developer, a blockchain developer, a technical writer and a startup enthusiast.
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About Me

I am a highly gifted and intelligent Nigerian, who is passionate about building ground-breaking inventions with code.

I am currently a fullstack Javascript/Typescript developer(ReactJs/NextJs + NodeJs), a blockchain(Solidity) developer, and a technical writer.

In recent times, I am becoming highly interested in tech enterpreneurship and tech mentorship. I am currently building my first startup - Jobjo, along side Zoe collectives - mother company to a fleet of sub-startups.

I publish tech content on my youtube channel where I share my expertise through deep tutorials to help developers become better.

I love God a lot, and people do mean a lot to me as well.

Below, are some key technologies that I am familiar with:

Headless UI
Redux tool-kit
Contentful CMS
Hardhat + EthersJs
Open API
React testing library
Open Telemetry

And more...

I am currently open and available for front-end development, back-end development, full-stack development, blockchain development, or any technical writing roles.

I will definitely be a strong addition to any team for any of the above mentioned roles. I will be very glad to contribute my experience towards the success of the team.


A selection of some of my tutorials/courses.

Software Engineering Foundations Course(Front-end Web Development).
This course is my first premium course. It's a course built to make (software engineering) beginners into world-class market-ready junior software engineers. The course's core focus is foundational front-end web development, but it's built with a mission to give course learners a solid foundation as software engineers(beyond just front-end web development).

The course release date is 10th December 2023, but it's currently open for pre-order.
Developer Profiles MERN Stack Tutorial Series.
This project, is a tutorial series that I created to teach the MERN stack in a progressive and holistic manner. It is a series that is meant to help full stack developers become solidified and vast.

The series is currently more than 15 hours of video content. Only the last video in the series remains to be published. The project curriculum consist of a single NodeJs/Express back-end, and three front-end built with different stacks to teach the progression of front-end development technologies from the vanilla phase(HTML and Vanilla Javascript), to ReactJs, and the to NextJs 13. All three front-end were styled with TailwindCSS. You can learn more about the series on my youtube channel . Don't forget to subscribe, and opt-in for notifications 😊.
NextJs 13 Tutorial Series
This project, is a tutorial series that I created to teach NextJS 13(the latest version of NextJs) and help developers adopt it with less difficulty. The series is currently in progress. You can learn more about it on my youtube channel . Do remember to subscribe, and opt-in for notifications 😊.
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